Oct. 9th, 2010

words_n_coffee: (nanowrimo 2010 or bust)
One of the instructors asks her class to name 10 things they like to see in a novel, well, I am paraphrasing.

Let's see.

1. Character arcs. I like a change. People change. I want the person to be active, sure, but I also like the fact that people do change through others' actions, environment, illness, death, birth etc.

2. Some detail about clothes, but not the whole description every single time.

3. I admire really well written action scenes, sequences, because this is one of my weakest spots in writing.

4. I want to be involved in the world, to know where I am, not be taken out of it. However, this is sort of subjective, sooo...

5. Dystopia.

6. Dystopia with a side of road trip.

7. Steampunk...but with emphasis on the "punk" which means something not cut and dry, not rote, but something...a little...off. Odd. Quirky.

8. Like art, like movies, like inventions, I love the feeling of an inevitable story. A story that exists out there, just for the author to find it.

9. I cannot lie...I love costume dramas in movies and yep, in books.

10. I also like future thingies...from the breath away "day after tomorrow" (not the movie...) to 1 million years from now...

So. that's just partiallly what I love.

And I quite like at least one character to be very fond of coffee.


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