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I am going to commit myself to 30 mins of prose writing a day.

I know I keep trying , but you know what--why not? No rule hard and fast that one cannot keep coming back and trying to find the muse's address.

Most of this journal will be private, but as I've said before, I'll make sure I do post research, or something that worked for me in method, or progress.

I am thinking of doing 2-3 pages a day, towards a short story.
A warm up for Nanowrimo in November, if I should choose to try that again!
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Haven't been here for a while.

Things were let to slidey slide away.

However, I am definitely back on track.

As usual, writing part is private.

Here it goes for 20 minutes!

I am back

Jun. 6th, 2010 08:32 pm
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I have returned, my schedule got a little messed up and I dropped the ball.

I shall slowly get back to the following:
Commitment to:
20 mins computer skills
20 mins Spanish skills
20 mins writing

Daily. 60 mins in anyone field counts as complete.

Reward for each day done: 1 episode on a DVD

Apartment cleaning/clearing:
15 mins each room clearing/cleaning each day ; 60 mins in any one room or completed task such as kitchen dishes or bathroom basics etc also counts.
1 episode of a dvd.

5 meals at or from home=1 meal out during the weekend.

So here I go!

I came back because I kept hearing a certain story in my head, so most likely my first day here will be...well...writing.
If I leave off at 45 mins or less, I shall do some Spanish tonight...

Hope to start the "variety" approach tomorrow!


May. 25th, 2010 01:54 am
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Goals are being met!

Rewarded myself for recent goals:
DVD- watched the first disc of the Wire

Goals for this week:
20-30 mins of writing, computer skills, and Spanish.

Each 60 mins: DVD// brunch// or a movie

I hope to get all 3 this week

30 mins-computer
45 mins-writing

I definitely have to catch up with my Spanish goals!
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First post after quite an absence.

This will be about 30% public.

Most of the public items will be writing process posts, research, and I am sure, something different here and there, later.

My writing challenge is this:
20 minutes everyday, towards a cohesive, coherent "shitty first draft" full of promise and gristle and bone and suchlike.

For every 20 minutes--rewards!

I have decided to also note the other items I am rewarding myself for:
20 minutes of studying Spanish. ( I am stuck in perennial beginner level)
20 minutes of studying computer skills. (My knowledge is full of gaps, and some basic things I don't know, and I know some intermediate stuff...and hey, I just want to know a little more...but a little more completely and much more organized in my brain!)

Mostly the latter will be mentioned in passing.
This is my writing journal.

For every hour I fulfill these tasks: a DVD, or movie "out". I'll keep track of time spent, and rewards enjoyed. I will reward myself after 20 minutes with something enjoyable also. Something like a coffee, or chocolate...

I am using: Write. 10 Days to overcome writer's block. period.
by Karen E. Peterson ...

At first, I am not going to spend any time making sure I write 500 words or 2000 or however.
The thing is to write.
The thing is also, to get beyond a mishmash of this and that Spanish and computer skilz.

I am starting rather "late in the day" so will do the 20 minutes writing only.

I'll be including some resources for language and computer learning...and some of my writing, occasionally also.
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First few days, I am just going to get my feet wet, and see how the water is.
This means I'll probably start "counting" around 3-4 Nov.

I just want to see how much I write in 15 mins, in an hour, in 2.

I;ve not written much for quite a while.

Occasionally I may show a no-private piece.

But right now, I feel a little shy of my writing talent and muse and everybody and everything.


Jul. 9th, 2009 01:57 am
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My goal will be at first, the proverbial 15 minutes a day creative writing exercises.

I figure, I'll set that for a habit forming 3 months.

More, later or sooner.

Most entries will be private.


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