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First post after quite an absence.

This will be about 30% public.

Most of the public items will be writing process posts, research, and I am sure, something different here and there, later.

My writing challenge is this:
20 minutes everyday, towards a cohesive, coherent "shitty first draft" full of promise and gristle and bone and suchlike.

For every 20 minutes--rewards!

I have decided to also note the other items I am rewarding myself for:
20 minutes of studying Spanish. ( I am stuck in perennial beginner level)
20 minutes of studying computer skills. (My knowledge is full of gaps, and some basic things I don't know, and I know some intermediate stuff...and hey, I just want to know a little more...but a little more completely and much more organized in my brain!)

Mostly the latter will be mentioned in passing.
This is my writing journal.

For every hour I fulfill these tasks: a DVD, or movie "out". I'll keep track of time spent, and rewards enjoyed. I will reward myself after 20 minutes with something enjoyable also. Something like a coffee, or chocolate...

I am using: Write. 10 Days to overcome writer's block. period.
by Karen E. Peterson ...

At first, I am not going to spend any time making sure I write 500 words or 2000 or however.
The thing is to write.
The thing is also, to get beyond a mishmash of this and that Spanish and computer skilz.

I am starting rather "late in the day" so will do the 20 minutes writing only.

I'll be including some resources for language and computer learning...and some of my writing, occasionally also.


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