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I would need to write 2589 words per day to complete.


My biggest obstacle:

Coming home after swing shift, feeling slightly "wan" and worn after work.

My biggest concern:

Hey! This story is all over the effen place! OMFG!

My best hope:

I am actually finding out what I want to write.

My Biggest fear:

I will find out I don't have anything to write.

2nd biggest fear:

I will find out I cannot write above around an 8th grade level.

Soooo...I've never tried to 2500 words in a day.
Curious as to whether I can actually do this, at all!!

I am finding that by the end of my push for "around 1000" words---I get to a new place in my meanderings and can almost figure out what I might be writing about ;)

I might be very brave tomorrow and try to write something--which would be like, only the 3rd or 4th chapter in my very roundabout story---to share by "sometime mid-Sunday".

Maybe 2500 words to share!! He! Maybe even 5000!!
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I need to do around 2100-220 words per day if I want to get to 50,000 by the end of November.

I think I can do this! let's see how close I can get to the recommended words per day tomorrow.
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Things that caught my attention today and the last few...days.

The whole Chaplin time travel meme.
Love it.
Of course it is a weird little hand held hearing aid thingie.
But fun.
What if time travelers in Ms. Willis's books popped up in photographs?

I'll be reading :All Clear by Connie Willis. Very soon.

I keep bouncing around time travel and ghosts in my mind.

Could I be changing the focus of my novel just a few days before I start writing it?

I am going to dig up something with prompts, sounds fun to crack open some inspiration when I write.

I might change my layout to a Nanowrimo one. Maybe.


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