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I've got 3-4 main ideas wandering through my head.

I have to hone down the ones I feel have most staying power for me, however, these are 3-4 stories I've been thinking of for a long time.

Time to launch one of these into the wild! Let it forage and find its way.

So to speak.

I plan on making this my main journal from Oct 22-Dec 6.
Then I'll take a break from what I've completed, and come back after some set amount of time, with freshness in the air and all that!

I need this kind of challenge in my life, and I need to complete something of a creative nature.
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Nanowrimo this year, yes, once again into the fray!

I haven't successfully completed one.

Tried once with gusto, another time with some feeling and sorta halfassed last year.

I have a coolio little instructor's pdf about how to do some of this, so I am going to attempt the attempt to do it with gusto.

I may keep the actual novel 1667 words per day stuff "private" but will of course, share pre nanon warm up and suchlike.

First task :
Find myself into a commitment of 1.5 hours per day for writing.

I spend some hour and half doing this and that that doesn't add to my life or progress at all, so I am going to just kick the doors open and let some daylight in.

Yes, I can work Bruce Cockburn into anything!


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