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They have interesting tips regarding stories, screenwriting, writing, Hollywood and other items.


Thanks for the hat tip to the blog at indie wire, women and hollywood, http://blogs.indiewire.com/womenandhollywood/the-spec-scripts-and-women

It's getting worse for Hollywood & Women not better...which I see hope for improvement because this page at the above blog...


It looks like late 2013 and 2014 as a year might be a little better as a year for women's representation in movies goes.

(part of this post was on my lj...http://normaltrouble.livejournal.com/ ...slightly edited as well.)
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I just saw American Violet which is a great movie.

One of the important things in this movie is the heroic character of the woman who is the main character. She is based on a real person, and somehow, has an intense heroic thread woven around her character.

I would say it is a deep integrity, a valuing of the truth, her love for her family and the ability to stand up for herself, an agency of will that impressed me.

I watch and read a lot of genre, and I think one of the most important things said in any genre film is " are you a good man" by Roy Baty in Blade Runner because it illustrates an important point--is the character "good" because he/she has a white hat on, or because of how the person lives.
American Violet is a good example of somebody stepping up to be good. Not perfect or an angel or somebody having super powers...but doing good for the general good as well as for herself and the future of her children and the community.

That to me is a good movie, when I am still in that world for a few hours after it.

How are my characters- reacting to the life around them...orderly life, chaotic life, boring life, challenges that test their inner integrity?
Good questions.


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